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We ended our GoFundMe today, so for donations to our museum please turn to our Swish or contact

us for banking details.


The renovation is now done you can see the result in the pictures below


On June 1, the renovation work on the hose tower will begin. PO specialsnickeri performs renovation of all windows in the tower and Peterson & Hansson Bygg AB performs the actual renovation with insight and consultation of Kulturmiljö Halland.



The association held its annual meeting today. To see the current board, see the contact section.

At the annual meeting it was decided that the association from 2021 accepts new members, see the section for membership for more information.


We got a Swish number now, it is: 123 - 460 81 39

About us

Edenberga Volunteer Fire Brigade is a small non-political non-profit association that was formed in 1914 and was until the end of the 1970s an active fire brigade.

In the 1980s and 90s, the association was run as an interest organization but was slowely forgotten about. It was not until 2012 that new forces took over the project.

We strive to preserve and exhibit the old fire station in Edenberga through non-profit work.

With its 100-year history and rural fire brigades as its focus, we have built a small museum. However, this is an ongoing project where we change and fix the exhibitions to try to make room for as much history as possible.

Opening hours


Entrance fees

Due to Covid 19 we are closed for the time being.

We hope to be open for the season 2021.

Admission to the fire station is free, but feel free to make a donation through our GoFundMe to support our work with the museum.

Replacing the logo

Our logo underwent many different designs and shapes before we chose the red shield adorned with Halland's lion and the crossed fire axes.

The original logos were designed between 2012 - 2013 by Peter Lennartsson.

In 2020 it was time to replace it with a new design, the new logo is based on the old one with the same core emblem, but it is also inspired by Laholm's rescue service's old logo with its round shape.


Edenberga Frivilliga Brandkår

Edenberga 560 "Brandstationen"

312 95 Laholm


Chairman. Mikael Lennartsson

E-mail: info@edenberga.se

Phone: +46 073 - 501 62 80

Vice chairman. Linus Johansson

E-mail: info@edenberga.se 

Phone: +46 070 – 261 40 36

Treasurer. Thomas Lennartsson

E-mail: info@edenberga.se

Phone: +46

Secretary. Peter Lennartsson

E-mail: info@edenberga.se

Phone: +46 070 - 434 96 40

Sponsorship manager. Henrik Persson

E-mail: info@edenberga.se

Phone: +46 070 - 828 62 10

Birgitta Lennartsson

E-mail: info@edenberga.se

Phone: +46 0430 - 223 85

Want to join our association?

Membership fee per person and year is:

Active member 250 SEK / year

Actively participates in the work of the association.

May attend all meetings and have the right to vote during all meetings.

Supporting Member 100 SEK / year

Supports association with their membership but do not want to have an active role in the association. May attend and have the right to vote only at the annual meeting.

Are you interested in becoming a member? Then please fill out this membership application. The information you send will only be viewed by the board.

Member Applications are reviewed regularly and the answer to your membership application is sent to the e-mail you entered in the form.


In this section we list things we are selling to benefit our association.

Interested in buying anything? send email to: miklen.laholm@gmail.com


Woven patch of our logo

(model after 2020)

Size: 9,4 cm

Status: In stock

Price: 60 SEK + Shipping


Beer mug of glass with our logo hand engraved on it

(logo model pre 2020)

Status: In stock

Price: 80 SEK + Shipping


Glass jar with our logo hand engraved on it

(logo model pre 2020)

Status: In stock

Price: 80 SEK + shipping


T-shirt unisex with logo

(model pre 2020) on chest.

Discontinued product

Price: 40 SEK + shipping




Sold out

Sold out


14 pcs

1 pcs


8 pcs

Sold out


11 pcs

Sold out


1 pcs

Sold out


Beer mug of glass with our logo hand engraved on it.

(logo model pre 2020)

Status: In stock

Price: 80 SEK + Shipping

Not released

Place for a not yet released product

Status: not relseased

Price: - 


What does it mean to sponsor us?

For companies, this means that you support an association over 100 years old whose goal is to preserve the cultural heritage-declared Edenberga fire station with its fire truck, a Studebaker from 1947 and all its equipment. And that we protect and share the history of the countryside, the fire service and our village through our museum.

Your support in the form of money, objects and / or services means that the association can run our museum without having to charge high entrance fees and can thus keep it open to the general public, regardless of whether you are well off or not.

We believe that our history belongs to everyone and then everyone should also have access to it.

Working closely with our sponsors is obvious to us and we offer compensation to your sponsorship in the form of:

  1. Exposure - the company gets its logo with a link at the top of our website. You also get your logo on the fire station door.

  2. We invite you to attend events that we organize and we offer to attend your events (may not be possible for international sponsors).

  3. The association also offers to distribute information (brochures and more) about the sponsoring company in our fire station when we are open.

How do you become a sponsor?

Feel free to use this FORM or contact the Chairman or Sponsorship manager directly via contacts.